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"I am so grateful for all the guidance you’ve given me over the last several years. You have helped me to see the world more clearly, to have more faith and take more risks, and to be more honest with myself and the people I love. I am stronger, healthier and more accepting of myself than I have ever been and I appreciate you for helping me get here. Thank you so much."    C.P.

"Many thanks for your help these past six months. I'm not sure I can enumerate all the benefits big and small of what we did, but I know I will feel their positive effects from here on out. It has been a very special gift for me. Thank you for sharing your talents and insights and compassion." S.W.

"Dear Rebecca, Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. It has and continues to make a big difference in my life...." D.M.

"Thank you for the help you are providing (sic) my daughter. The work she is doing with you has had a profound impact on her life and wellbeing, for which I am more grateful than words can say." S.G.

"Rebecca Lotsoff is a good listener with insightful comments. My wife and I came for family therapy, with the children, planning on addressing, in particular, the "needs" of one child, and discovered, through our meetings, that the more significant issues, were in fact, with a different child. Her efforts led to constructive changes being made in our family dynamic. Although I personally have never had a good attitude about therapy, her warm, caring personality, lively smile and good sense of humor, broke our shell -- especially mine -- which easily could have prevented us from gaining so much -- and it all happened in relatively so little time." J.A.

Dear Rebecca, I have learned a huge amount during our sessions and feel much better prepared to handle...stressful situations in a healthier way. You did an excellent job, and I am really grateful..."  A.M.

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